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  1. For Sale: Gas Blow torch
    Sievert gas blow torch. Nozzle is a 2941 £10 Plus £3 P&P Blow torch unknown make. £5 plus £3 P&P
  2. Wanted: Boxford 240TCL Tailstock
    Does anyone have a swing-up tailstock for the Boxford 240TCL training CNC lathe - as in picture attached? I would like to buy one or, possibly, borrow one for a month or so.
  3. For Sale: Bisley 15 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet
    Bisley 15 drawer steel filing cabinet. 11x16x37"
  4. For Sale: Steel Storage Cabinet
    Steel storage cabinet. MDF shelf. 36x18x36"
  5. Wanted: Eco Compact 5 Lathe/Mill
    Eco Compact 5 Lathe/Mill (metric) in good condition wanted. Preferably with a good range of Accessories and extras.
  6. For Sale: Compact Generator.
    SIP Medusa T950 Compact Generator. 250 volt. Lightweight with carrying handle. Ideal for power tools away from mains supply up to 950 watts peak, 750 watts continuous. Also has 12 volt outlet, ideal for charging batteries, caravan, boat etc. Only had occasional use and is in good condition. Can be seen running. Collection from West London or Milton Keynes area. Post or courier not feasible due to presence of fuel.
  7. For Sale: Suds Pump
    Colchester Suds Pump. 220 / 440 volt 3phase. 15 litres / min. Preference would be collection from West London or Milton Keynes area but could post at cost.
  8. For Sale: 7 1/4" Dean Armstrong Locomotive - part built
    The sale is for a part completed Dean Armstrong class locomotive in 7 1/4" gauge to the John Clarke "Gooch" design. These were beautiful old Victorian engines which, I believe, were a modification to the Dean Single in an attempt to get more traction. Only four prototypes were built. I started this some years ago but then my club lost our 7 1/4" gauge track so I sort of lost interest. The chassis is complete and a start has been made on the cylinders and valve gear. The axle boxes are fitted with roller bearings so it turns over very smoothly. Included in the sale are the castings shown in the photos and a full set of drawings. Additional castings are available from A J Reeves. The current price of the castings and materials is over £1800 so if you are looking to build a beautiful old engine this would be a bargain. The work is to a very high standard. Collection only please, this is heavy!
  9. For Sale: Milling Cutter
    Facing Mill in unused condition. 4" Dia with 1/4" tip chamfer. 1 1/4" Bore with 1" Wide drive slot.
  10. Wanted: Widia GPHT 1211 boring inserts
    Looking for some rather obscure boring inserts. Rhombic shape like a DCMT or VCMT insert,however,unlike the DCMT that has a 55 degree included angle and the VCMT that has a 35 degree included angle, these GPHT inserts have a 45 degree included angle. Can't seem to find anybody that stocks them in the Uk, only need a couple,so please guys, raid your old stock! Can get them from the States ,but hoping somebody might have some gathering dust locally. Many thanks. Johnny